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Face Painting



We are the premiere Face Painting Company in the Washington DC Metro area.  

Face painting is fun and entertaining for children and adults of all ages. Face painting is done with paints that have FDA approved ingredients for the
skin.  As a rule, unless requested otherwise, they are full faces.  This is fun for the children because they get to BECOME the characters they are painted.  

The paint washes off easily with soap and water.  Because the paint is water soluable, this is not a good item to use for pool parties as the paint will wash off in the water.  (See glitter tattoos for pool parties below.)  

Arla will paint any age child as most of the paints she uses are made specifically for ​children.   Don't want full face painting? Arla can paint hands, cheeks, arms, and feet too!  If you book early enough to get Arla, she can paint at least 20 faces per hour.  


Sculptured / Twisted Balloons



Sculptured balloons are fun for children of the ages 4-???  They are usually two or more balloon items.  They can range from headbands to armbands, to dogs, aliens, cats, and more.  Arla can do over 30 different

Balloons are not for the age of 3 and under for safety purposes.  If the children are 8 or over, Arla can teach them to make their own balloons.  This gives the children a sense of accomplishment..and each child goes home with a balloon or two.

Check out our Birthday Party Hints page by clicking the pink button below.


Glitter Tattoos



Glitter tattoos are non-permanent tattoos that will last 4-7 days with the proper care. Glitter tattoos are NOT the ones from the dollar store.  They are applied with medical adhesive and bright, sparkly glitter in all sorts of colors. 

Arla can do about 15 glitter tattoos in an hour. 

100% safe for skin,

glitter tattoos are a good alternative to face painting in the summer time when children are running around and sweating.

 Having a pool party? Glitter Tattoos are water-resistant and great for pool parties.  You can even shower and wash them with soap and they "won't come off".   If you WANT them off, just use oil and alcohol and rub them away.





Games can be any of the following; 

  • Balloon games (shooting balloons with fingers) 
  • See who can shoot the balloon the farthest, 
  • Having a child walk with a balloon hoop on their head and having all the other children shoot the balloons through the hoop.  This is fun for the kids as well as the walker. 
  • Parachute games (if you have enough space)
  • ​Activity games (physical activity played with the children)  Can be done in a house or outside.  Games such as red light/green light, duck duck goose, and others.




Henna is a safe means of having a "tattoo" for approximately 2-3 weeks.  Henna actually stains the layers of skin.   Arla only uses real henna.  (NEVER have black henna done as it can cause permanent scarring.)  Arla recommends that children be at least 10-12 years of age before doing henna, as if it smears it looks like "poop" on the skin and who whats that for 2-3 weeks?!  If you want more complicated henna, Arla has other artists that do much much more detailed designs as well.

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Giant Bubbles

  Giant bubbles


Giant bubbles are the biggest hit at outdoor events.  They are GIANT 3 foot plus bubbles.  We use a special mix for the bubbles that makes them large and colorful.  

 This activity is a minimum two hour party and can be done either indoors (by putting

children inside bubbles) or outdoors 4 x 10 foot bubbles as pictured above.  

IF it's an outdoor party, we can arrange for the kids to have their own bubble trays to make their own bubbles.   

This is not a regular bubble solution that a parent can do at home.  It is a special "cooked" recipe specifically made for making giant bubbles.  Take pictures of the kids in the bubbles to remember for a lifetime!

Services continued

Pregnant Belly Painting


Arla also does gestational art or pregnant belly painting.  This usually takes an hour or less and is best done in the ninth month of pregnancy since this is really when he belly is realy firm. 

Relaxing in nature, mothers love the results.  It's something to take a picture of and put into the baby's photo album.

It's fun to do this at baby showers. However, if you'd rather do the painting in privacy, you can come to Arla's studio to have it painted.


Why hire Arla?


Faces by Arla is a licensed face painting business to do both private and corporate business.

She carries professional insurance

Arla is trained in safety

Arla has 29 years of experience in dealing with children (and their adults)

She uses only FDA compliant products for safety reasons for your child.

She attends yearly training in the cutting edge technology in products and procedures (which allows her to paint faster than most all face painters in the DC metro area.)  

Arla paints 20 faces per hour vs the "normal" 10-15 faces others do.

She is experienced in multiple services, so you need hire only one person for your party vs contacting many companies for different services.  She also has other artists and entertainers that she can bring with her as well.

If Arla can't do your job, (unless she is out of the area) you will get an experienced entertainer, not a new learner that does a lesser job (that you might get from another agency.)

We do everything from small birthday parties to very large events like corporate picnics and festivals.  We also do fundraisers, church events, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, and more. 

Faces by Arla is a Premier Entertainment company.  You will get only premium services from us.

In addition to face painting, Faces by Arla and Company also offers: 

Balloon twisting, 

Glitter tattoos,      

 GIANT Bubbles, 

Balloon décor   

Henna (real henna, not black henna)      

Caricature artists,

Stilt walkers,

Santa, Mrs. Claus & elves 

Face Painting in Fairfax birthday party

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Body Painting



When Arla paints bodies, it's a serious business. There is nothing sexual to it, only ART related. 

Arla tries to capture a mood or a feeling when she paints.  Bodies can be totally painted or partially (with a bathing suit), or just from the waist up if you want.  Most designs take about 4 hours or so.  

Email Arla at Arla@FacesByArla.com with what you'd like to be painted and she'll be happy to give you a price on what it will cost.  If you'd prefer to call, Arla would be glad to talk with you about a design.  Call her at 703-901-2752.

See Arla's body painting page on this site.

Body painting pictures

We also offer


Caricature Artists

Most of our artists draw at the rate of about 10 per hour, or so, which is the industry standard.


Stilt walkers and Jugglers

upon request


Santa and Mrs. Claus & their elves



Why hire Mrs. Claus by herself?  Well, Mrs. Claus rates are less expensive than hiring a $350 pr hour Santa.  And besides, "Santa is busy at the
North Pole  with the elves and supervising the making of the toys, etc."  

Mrs. Claus and the elves do most any of the services on this page.  They also are available for parades, photo sessions, story telling, and more.  

Need them other than in November and December?  Just ask.

Balloon Decorations / Decor



We offer balloon arches and columns to make your event show off to the town.  (Because these are specialty balloons, they must be ordered at least two weeks in advance.) ​Arla also offers balloon decor, such as centerpieces, balloon walls, etc.   

Call for pricing.  703-901-2752