Gestational Art/ Pregnant belly art

Done in the comfort of my studio or your home


Most frequently done in the ninth month of pregnancy when the belly is the hardest.

Your design


Just email Arla the design you'd like and she'll give you a price.  Most bellies take anywhere between a half hour and an hour.  

Simple to complicated


FDA compliant paints are used so you don't have to worry about anything harming the baby.  It's almost like getting a massage.  And it's fun to watch the babies kick as I paint.

Fun for baby showers


Pregnant belly painting, also known as gestational art, is fun to do at baby showers.  By their 9th month, most women are not shy about showing their bellies.  If you are, Arla would be happy to do your belly in a private area, then you can show your guests.

Have pictures taken with Dad


While it's fun to get your belly painted, share the moment with Dad and get him in the pictures, too!

Arla likes to accomodate


The customer is Arla's priority.  This little girl wanted HER belly painted, too!  Arla accomodated.