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Body Painting


Body painting...and art form


Welcome to the Body Painting Page.   Arla has painted all the bodies on this page either by herself or with the help of one other person.  Everything you see has been painted on the skin.  

Want to see gestational art (belly painting)?  


Serious Artwork here


Body art is true art work and takes many hours.    ‚ÄčYes, these are all painted on the skin, even what looks to be the clothes. 

People do body painting for Valentine's day gifts, wedding gifts, for gifts for their loved ones, for photo shoots, and done at baby showers, etc.

Want to do something REALLY out of the ordinary to attract people?  Schedule a body painting!  (Minimum $400 and a minimum of 4 hours depending on the design.)  You can have your model wear a bathing suit or not.  If not, we can do the private parts in a private space before the model becomes public, so they are "covered" (with paint anyway.)  This is not inexpensive, however you will find that it will attract customers to your event to watch, and you'll have a crowd like you've never seen before.  This is particularly great in the bars.  

(Hint:  Get an alcohol company to sponsor you!  Yes, they do that!)


Yes, this is painted on!

Even though this LOOKS like clothing, it's painted on.  The Harley Davidson body painting took two of us about 4 hours each to do.   Custom designs are welcome.   Body paint is washable in the shower.